Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Pay-Per-View Congress" Comes to Nevada

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Yet again, the person who claims to be my member of Congress won't get anywhere near me... Nor any of his other constituents who can't pay Republican clubs to ask him questions. Oh yes, that's right. "Pay-Per-View Congress" has come to Nevada with a vengeance, and we have Joe Heck to thank for that!

Don't believe me? Go to 4:32 on this video.

Oh yes, he did it again. And not only that, but his new "human shields" in the Sun City Anthem Republican Club actually called the police on us! Again, see for yourself. And pay close attention at 5:35.

Believe it or not, Henderson Police actually had to calm down the SCA Republicans who were outside trying to pick a fight and get us arrested. Now take a look at the videos again. And look at the photos here. Were the protesters threatening anyone? Were any of them being violent? Google "tea party violence", then compare and contrast the "tea party" preferred course of action with what we've been doing.

No, really. Look at who stood outside today.

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Why is Joe Heck afraid of his own constituents? Is he afraid we'll ask him why he's done nothing to bring jobs to Nevada? Is he afraid we'll ask if his campaign contributions from Arch Coal, Exxon Mobil, and Koch Industries have anything to do with Heck voting against renewable energy development that can create badly needed jobs here in Nevada? Is he afraid we'll ask why he likens Social Security to a "pyramid scheme" and keeps voting to dismantle the Medicare that seniors and disabled people in this district desperately need? Is he afraid of anyone asking him who he really serves in Congress?

What's the point of electing a local representative to The US House of Representative if that person refuses to answer any questions from any local constituents who can't give him campaign donations or contribute to the Republican Party? What was the whole point of last year's election if we don't have anyone representing us? Eventually, Joe Heck will have to face "we the people" again and answer some questions... Unless he's already prepared to concede his reelection campaign!

And before I forget, I need to point this out one more time. When a Member of Congress directs his Congressional Office that's funded by us the taxpayers to promote an upcoming event as a "town hall open to the public", that means members of the public should be allowed in. But when that same member keeps hosting these "town halls" at private facilities paid for by private entities that then block the public from seeing our Member of Congress, at the very least it's a very dirty and unethical practice. We Nevadans really deserve better than this.

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