Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2011 Municipal Elections: WTF??!!

I guess the old saying is true. All politics is local. And not just that, but local politics can get awfully strange... Especially here in Southern Nevada.

Oh, where do I begin? How about my own back yard? Apparently, there's new drama in Henderson. Kevinn Donovan, the Democrat who lost to incumbent Republican Assembly Member Lynn Stewart in District 22, is now running for City Council in Ward 2. OK, so what's the big deal? Well, incumbent Democratic Council Member Debra March is. Apparently Donovan hoped for an appointment to the council when the vacancy opened in 2009, but instead March got it. And in addition to those two running, former city construction manager John Simmons is also running in Ward 2.

But wait, there's more! A crowded field has already emerged in the Ward 4 race, and this may especially get plenty of attention because of two interesting high profile candidates... And who's backing them. Mike Mayberry, Henderson's former police chief, is being endorsed by current Mayor Andy Hafen (D). Meanwhile, current Henderson Planning Commission Chair Sam Bateman is being endorsed by outgoing Ward 4 Council Member Steve Kirk (R). OK, so where's the intrigue? Get this: Bateman is the one Democrat running, while Mayberry is a Republican.

Whoa! Talk about bipartisanship in action! This may have something to do with Mayberry running for Mayor in 2009, and ultimately endorsing Hafen over Kirk when he failed to make the runoff.

Do you now understand why Henderson is my ideal place to call home? We're not as dull as you think. ;-)

Oh yeah, and before I forget to mention it, Las Vegas local elections are about to heat up even more. Two new Mayoral candidates have emerged, despite both earlier denying they would run. Clark County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani and Meadows School Founder (and wife of the outgoing mayor) Carolyn Goodman, both Democrats, are officially entering the fray today. So now Las Vegas has Oscar's wife, two County Commissioners (Chris G and Larry Brown), City Council President Steve Ross, and a host of business folk, local gadflies, and all sorts of other colorful characters.

In addition, Las Vegas Ward 3 also promises to be an interesting contest, featuring current Planning Commission Chair Steve Evans, former State Senator Bob Coffin (D-Las Vegas), and political newcomer Adriana Martinez.

Honestly, I originally wasn't expecting this much excitement this year. But hopefully with all the action happening in Las Vegas, Henderson, and elsewhere, people will feel encouraged and emboldened to make a difference by getting involved and voting this year.

And yes, I'll do my part here at Nevada Progressive to cover what's happening and make sure you're excited about this election and ready to vote. ;-)

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