Monday, December 2, 2013

Take This Seriously.

Just when we thought we could enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday last week, the Nevada G-O-TEA Circus of Batsh*t Crazy had to interrupt our plans. Oh, yes. That's right. They went there... Again!

So what happened this time? Oh, Assembly Member Michelle Fiore (R-Las Vegas) just decided to "spice up" a local "talk radio" show with veiled threats of violence. After all, she just loves her weapons... And her NRA Seal of Approval.

So what exactly happened? Assembly Member Fiore was a guest on a KNXT show on Tuesday. So were Culinary 226's Yvanna Cancela and ProgressNow's Annette Magnus. When Fiore confronted Cancela over Culinary's aggressive organizing, she dropped this verbal bomb.

"The behavior that you did in front of the Cosmo would get you a bullet in your head in Brooklyn, because that is not the behavior that we want here in Nevada."

While many (even some on the left) have disagreed with Culinary's more controversial battle plans in its ongoing war against anti-union casinos, no one can say Culinary organizers aren't protected by the First Amendment. And no one can say they deserve "Second Amendment Remedies" for exercising their First Amendment rights.

Of course, the usual G-O-TEA spin doctors tried to change the subject as soon as this news hit Twitter. AFP Nevada even tried to start a flame war over Assembly Member Fiore's Twitter handle! But of course, it didn't work.

Instead, we were reminded of what happens when such violent rhetoric is injected into our political dialogue. When does this ever demonstrate "responsible behavior"? (Hint: Never.) And really, elected officials should know better.

Haven't we experienced more than enough bloodshed this year? Hell, we've even seen gun violence hit awfully close to home here in Nevada. Seriously, this isn't something to blithely dismiss and/or ignore.

So why aren't we taking this seriously? Why are some of our elected "leaders" threatening bullets in others' heads? What will it take for us to finally learn? Gun violence needs to be taken seriously.

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