Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sharron Angle... Is Still Batshit Crazy. And She Wants to Take Away Your Vote.

She's back!

But this time, she's not asking for your vote. Rather, she's probably trying to take away your vote. Yes, you read me right. Sharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrron is now pushing for voter suppression!

In a video on her website, she said she will produce a documentary called "Voter Fraud: America's Silent Epidemic" to "expose this underground problem."

"Over the past 18 months, I've become keenly aware of an epidemic that has swept our nation, eating away at the very fabric of our freedom," she said.

She asks for donations, that, she notes, are tax deductable.

Election officials have repeatedly and loudly said that widespread voter fraud is a myth, but Angle anticipated that a newspaper would report that.

"The progressives in the media would like us to believe that voter fraud or election tampering either do not exist or represent such a small portion of our election process we should just sweep them under the run," she said. But speaking to voters across the country, she said many people believe their votes don't matter.

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Throughout the country, G-O-TEA forces have pushed state legislatures to pass voter suppression laws to roll back our civil rights and prevent people from voting. Why?

"VOTER FRAUD!" Oh yes, we hear that all the time. We've especially been hearing it here in Nevada since Sharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrron's sycophants realized Harry Reid won reelection in 2010. However, the fact of the matter is that voter fraud is virtually nonexistent and these voter suppression laws are simply a "solution" looking for a problem.

However, this "solution" of voter suppression causes all sorts of new problems...

Except for Angle's buddies in "Tea Party, Inc.", who love the idea of preventing people from voting if they're not likely to vote G-O-TEA.

As expected, Desert Beacon has even more facts and figures that demolishes Sharrrrrrrrrrrron's shoddy case for voter suppression. But in case that isn't enough for you, even the Nevada Secretary of State's office released this statement yesterday.

“Our multi-jurisdictional Election Integrity Task Force has always aggressively investigated any leads and successfully prosecuted election law violations. However, we can't send out our investigators until we have basic information about what crime may have been committed, when it happened and who may have been involved. The unsupported fraud claims on Ms. Angle's campaign website don't give us enough information to even open up a case file.”

So why is Sharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrron really pursuing this? Simple. She's doing it for the same reason why the likes of Scott Walker and Rick Perry championed their states' respective voter suppression laws. Oh, and she wants more donations from teabaggers stupid enough to send her money her "grassroots supporters". There's just nothing like making false claims of "VOTER FRAUD!!!" to beef up one's fundraising.

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