Monday, January 27, 2014

There's More to That FAIL

Last Wednesday, we couldn't help but chuckle a bit (actually, quite a lot) over the State of Nevada's absolutely batshit crazy eye-popping brief to the Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals in the latest round of Sevcik v. Sandoval. It went to great lengths to defend the state’s history of "promoting traditional marriage", even though our state's history has proven anything but that. Oh, and it also took outrageous and downright nonsensical detours into the territory of incest and bigotry.

And now, it's close to ending a political career. And surprisingly (actually, not really), it's not Governor Brian Sandoval's (R-Still Unaware That It's 2014). Perhaps because he was expected to do something this stupid, he hasn't received much blowback (other than from yours truly here).

Instead, Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto (D-??!!) looks to be receiving quite the farewell party from Carson City. Why? Her office went along with Sandoval's request for this brief. And nearly everyone expected better from her.

Her office initially suggested she was just "following orders". Really? So "following orders" is more important than paying attention to what's actually in the US Constitution? Keep in mind that the first and foremost duty of Attorneys General is to protect & defend the Constitution.

So why didn't Catherine Cortez Masto remember her own oath of office? Why did our Attorney General just go along with the Governor? And why is either one of them bothering to defend an indefensible denial of civil rights? Both are trained lawyers, and Sandoval previously served as Attorney General before being appointed as a federal judge.

While I don't always see eye to eye with Jon Ralston, he's totally correct on this case. Both the Governor and the Attorney General blew it when they decided to defend discrimination & inequality rather than remember their own oaths of office. And ironically enough, whatever political calculation they made to do this has only resulted in a major "EPIC FAIL" moment and one hell of a backfire.

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