Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Still Far from Over...

This past Monday, comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) advocates rallied outside Rep. Joe Heck's office and asked him to support S 744. Next Monday, Senator Harry Reid will be reinforcing the message himself. We don't know yet if Rep. Heck got it... But did Senator Dean Heller?

Perhaps so... And perhaps the latest bout of Republican pork pandering "Border Surge" did as well.

So finally, Senator Heller has announced his support for S 744. It took a whole lot of bribery cajoling protests public shaming work, but he finally saw the light.

So what will it take for Rep. Heck to follow suit? Or is he so enthralled by the toxic "TEA" that he can't realize the reality outside his office door?

CIR helps our economy. CIR helps reunite families. CIR is what's needed to clean up the immigration system. And on top of all this, the bill is bloated with "border security" pork! What's a sane Republican not to love here?


Stay tuned, since this story is still far from over....

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