Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Finally, Sine Die.

Well, that was fast, This morning, we were shocked to see the 27th special session of the Nevada Legislature convene. But now, we have this from the Secretary of the Senate.

NVSecSenate: The Senate stands adjourned Sine Die. This time we mean it. #nvleg

So what happened during the just over two hours of special session? The Sun's Anjeanette Damon & Andrew Doughman have the details.

“The bill failed and public safety is extremely important in Clark County,” Sandoval said of his decision to call a special session. “The crime rate has gone up. This was an extremely important bill for the people of Clark County.” [...]

The measure, which authorizes the Clark County Commission to raise the sales tax by .15 percentage points to hire more police officers, wasn’t the only bill on the special session agenda.

Lawmakers also were asked to divert $2 million to the Millennium Scholarship from Sandoval’s failed effort to fund Teach for America, a nonprofit that recruits teachers for at-risk schools.

An economic development bill worth millions in tax incentives to draw new and expanding businesses to the state also was considered. And two education bills-- one to change the management of the state’s charter schools account and another on class-size reduction--rounded out the agenda. [...]

The Teach For America bill, however, would’ve failed in the Assembly and a charter school bill died in the Ways and Means committee, said chairwoman Maggie Carlton, D-Las Vegas.

“That bill did not have a hearing in Ways and Means,” she said. “We didn’t support it.”

The Assembly ended up throwing its support to the charter school bill in the special session and an agreement was brokered with Sandoval to divert the Teach for America money to the Millennium Scholarship.

In the end, #NVLeg finally passed the Clark County police surtax, the latest education grand bargain, and the economic development bills. So now, it's sine die... For real.

We'll have more on the #NVLeg #77 fallout later soon. But in the mean time, we finally reached sine die. And this time, it's sine die.

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