Wednesday, January 16, 2013

So About Tonight...

In case you were wondering, Brian Sandoval will be giving some speech in Carson City tonight. And it probably won't sound like what we heard in Las Vegas last week. Rather, expect more of the same (old shit).

-----About $6.5 billion budget, slight increase [...]

----$135 million in what he will call "new investment" in K-12: Expansion of all-day K, first into at-risk schools, maybe more later, but also will push school choice, kids reading by third grade, invest in Teach for America, another pilot program (Jobs for America's Graduates), ELL investment

---Appropriation to boost Millennium Scholarship

---Cut MBT for more businesses

---Medicaid co-pays and emphasize may opt-out of expansion in future

So he plans to throw in just enough numbers to sound "moderate". But in reality, he still doesn't get the point of Medicaid. And he still doesn't understand the depth of our underfunding of our schools along with other areas of public infrastructure.

Jon Ralston has joked about using the #sunnystate hashtag on Twitter tonight during the State of the State speech. I think I'll stick to #NVSoS. But certainly, we'll be seeing some "sunny side up" delusions on display on Carson City. No matter how much "Governor Sunny" tries to spin everyone, reality still awaits outside. And the rest of Nevada can't afford to ignore it.

(And yes, by the way, I will be live-blogging here and live-tweeting the speech tonight... Even though we already know over 90% of what's about to happen.)

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