Thursday, January 3, 2013

AD 29: Meeting Lesley Cohen

As 2013 begins, all eyes turn to the Legislature as the new session begins. And during this session, #NVLeg will be tackling everything from immigrant rights to LGBTQ equality to health care to environmental stewardship... And, of course, the budget.

That's why a decent crowd showed up at the Henderson Democratic Club last night. Late last month, attorney Lesley Cohen was appointed by the Clark County Commission to fill the 29th District (Henderson-Green Valley) Assembly seat that was vacated by April Mastroluca shortly after the election. So last night, Cohen came to the Henderson Democratic Club to meet some of her new constituents and answer some questions.

Here's Cohen introducing herself.

Shortly after, she did a Q&A session. And of course, folks had questions about the budget. Cohen handled the questions by saying she needs more time to listen to constituents.

State Senator Joyce Woodhouse (D-Henderson), whose district overlaps AD 29, was also there. And she spoke up to mention her plan to co-host local town halls with Cohen and Assembly Member Andy Eisen (D-Paradise), whose 21st Assembly District overlaps with the other half of SD 5.

Cohen has certainly jumped into a difficult position here. She now must fill a full term that someone else just recently won. Still, she will be the one filling that full term representing AD 29. And she will have some major decisions to make.

This probably won't be the last time we hear from Lesley Cohen. It's now just a matter of how long of a sojourn to Carson City she can handle.

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