Thursday, May 10, 2012

Look Who's Evolving, Too. (& Look Who's Not.)

It just keeps getting better. Harry's coming on board "The Equality Express", as well.

[... O]n Thursday, Reid quietly said that if he were called on to vote one way or another in his home state of Nevada, he would “follow [his] children and grandchildren” and support legalizing gay marriage in Nevada.

Reid communicated his position without words: He nodded affirmatively in response to a reporter questioning whether he would support a vote in Nevada to recognize homosexual marriages.

The statement expressed by that nod is a significant one for the Senate majority leader, who has often said that he doesn’t object to gay couples marrying or think it’s any of his business whether or not gay couples choose to marry, but has never proactively said he would support their right to do so at the state level if asked to decide.

About time. Thank you, Senator.

It's really amazing to see the winds of change blow in the proper direction... And it's even better to see those winds bringing along our elected officials.

I know this has been tough for Senator Reid. It's been tough trying to balance his faith, his values, and his commitment to the public that elected him. I'm just glad to see his values win the day. Of course, I'm sure it's helped that Nevada voters have also evolved dramatically on this issue over time.

However, it looks like some of the nation's other prominent politicans (you know, the Republican kind) continue to shove their heads into the sand and ignore the arc of history bending toward justice. Mitt Romney is now demanding "a national standard" for enshrining marriage discrimination in our US Constitution. Apparently, Willard has a history of bullying. That certainly hasn't changed.

However, the rest of the country has changed. Even some Republicans seem to get that now. The arc of history is indeed bending toward justice. It's great to see that Nevada's Senior Senator now understands that. It's just sad that G-O-TEA politicians are actually proud to be behind the curve.

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