Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Who's Running Where: NV-04

Many were excited when the dream became real. Finally, Nevada has a 4th Congressional District up for grabs and open to run in. And now that filing is open, we're getting a better sense of who's running here.

NV-04 is an interesting district in that it runs through all the cross sections of Nevada's topography and demography. It stretches from the tranquil rural confines of Yerington and Ely to the bustling urban atmosphere of Las Vegas and North Las Vegas. It includes hard hit, poverty stricken neighborhoods, like Pahrump, as well as Nevada's wealthiest neighborhoods, like Summerlin. It includes some of the whitest and some of the most minority-majority communities in the state. And despite the 10% Democratic voter registration advantage, it's a district that both parties are fighting for.

Danny Tarkanian is taking advantage of this by running for office yet again. He's already busy advocating for the transfer of nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain, running a campaign office outside the district, and showing he really has no commitment beyond that of
perennially running for something.

And then, we have Barbara Cegavske and her magnificent delusions of grandeur. Apparently, she thinks she can even develop her own family dynasty! She also thinks she can easily maneuver the challenge of saying things that completely contradict her own legislative record. I can't wait to see what she does next.

But wait, there's more! Also running for the G-O-TEA is Dan Schwartz, the guy who's already hurling the crazy onto our TVs. He looks like fun.

And finally, Nevada State Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford (D-North Las Vegas) is expected to file today. He's risen from adversity to success in both the private and public sectors. He rose to many challenges in Carson City, and he seems hungry to tackle more challenges in Washington. He's even been tapped by the DCCC to become a "Majority Maker" and help other Democratic candidates running in more difficult districts.

However, Horsford can't rest too easily. Although Democrats do have an advantage in the new NV-04, it's looking increasingly obvious that Republicans are not rolling over. Rather, they're preparing an all out assault to compete. We'll have to see how Horsford plans to challenge the crap they're all but certain to fling their way. And we'll have to see how Horsford and the Democratic Party can put together an effective field operation from Yerington all the way to Summerlin. While I'm sure there will be even more money spent on TV ads here, I suspect the candidate who spends the most time really connecting with voters across the district and offering real solutions to the economic challenges present everywhere from Ely to North Las Vegas will emerge victorious. Let's see how Steven Horsford can rise to this next challenge.

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