Saturday, March 10, 2012

More from Sheila Leslie, Stonewall, & Our Adventures in Reno

In case you didn't get enough fun from our adventures in Reno last night, here's some more material that I couldn't fit into my SD 15 diary from this morning. Last night at the Northern Nevada Stonewall party in Reno, Sheila Leslie gave a powerful speech explaining why she's running.

And we had even more special guests come and rally the base in Reno last night. Clark County Democratic Party Chair Chris Miller, Washoe Democratic Party Chair Dorie Guy, State Treasurer Kate Marshall (D), Washoe County Commissioner Kitty Jung (D-Reno), and famed UNR economist Elliott Parker were among the very special events at the Stonewall party last night.

And by the way, the official count for last night's party is now just over 50!

I'm now in Carson City for the Nevada State Democratic Party Central Committee meeting. I'll have updates from that at my Twitter @atdleft this afternoon, and I'll have a fuller roundup here at the blog tomorrow morning.

Here's to lovely Northern Nevada!

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