Thursday, July 7, 2011

Who's Going to DFA Campaign Academy This Weekend?

I'll be back! No really, I will be returning home this Saturday for DFA Campaign Academy. Why?

Well, I want to hear more about how progressives can win next year. I want to know more about the inner workings of campaigns. I want to learn more about how candidates can run for office.

Let's face it. We've seen more than enough disappointments on the national and state levels in the last eight months to realize that something has to change. Teabaggers are running amok in Congress, and they nearly forced Nevada into total calamity (and succeeded in forcing us to kick the can down the road yet again on fixing what's ailing our state). We can't just sit back, mope around, and wail in despair. We need to learn to not just fight back, but to actually win that fight.

At DFA Campaign Academy, there will be trainers there to show you the ropes on everything from precinct data to fundraising to media and much more. Oh, and all the cool kids will be there, too!

And after a day of plentiful learning opportunities, you can hang out with fellow "DFA alumni" at The Gin Mill (which just happens to be up the block from my house!) afterward!

So what are you waiting for? If you haven't signed up already, do so now before admission is raised $10. Trust me. What you learn this weekend is worth far more than the cost of admission. You will learn how to move America (and Nevada) forward.

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