Wednesday, July 27, 2011

If Debt Deal Is "Not Good Enough" for Dean Heller, He'll Crash & Burn Our Economy

No really, read for yourself.

Nevada Sen. Dean Heller hasn’t finished reading through the fine print of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s and House Speaker John Boehner’s competing proposals to raise the debt limit. But already, he seems to be trying to carve out a space for himself to vote “no.”

“Nothing good is going to come out of these speeches and nothing is going to come out good for Nevada if interest rates go up and we don’t pass something by August 2nd,” Heller said Tuesday afternoon.

“I do believe it’s a critical date,” he said. “But that’s not to say that I’ll vote for any of these plans if they’re not good enough.”

So is Heller that eager to wage war against fellow Nevadan Harry Reid? And for that matter, is Heller also that eager to wage war against his fellow Republicans?

Maybe if the consequences of debt default weren't so dire, I'd be sitting back, munching on popcorn, and enjoying yet another round of Republicans eating their own. But right now, this is getting dangerous. We're perilously close to wrecking our own economy, and it's all because some crazed teabaggers refuse to agree to ANYTHING reasonable and responsible.

The tea party is so hell-bent on [supposedly] getting America's finances in order, they're willing to suffer the personal consequences of a government default. That's according to leaders of the Tea Party Patriots, who spoke with reporters in Washington this morning as the city remains gripped in debt ceiling stalemate.

Jenny Beth Martin, a co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots (the grassrootsier wing of the movement) agreed that default -- and the requisite end in government payments for the programs that go with it -- could hurt the thousands of tea party voters she represents. But she said her members are willing to take the hit. [...]

"As somebody who has gone through bankruptcy, I don't want to see our country into trouble that my family went through." she said. "I understand that means that you've got to sit there and look at: 'What can you do different? Can we sell anything? How can we get out of this mess?' And that's what our government needs to be looking at."

Oh, great. So now we're supposed to take macroeconomic advice from a bunch of fringe looney tunes who can't even keep their own checkbooks balanced?! Frankly, I've never bought the "treat government like personal finances" analogies, but the hypocrisy here simply can't be avoided.

So what do Dean Heller and his new teabagger BFFs actually want to do to our country? Force us into default? Cut off Social Security and Medicare benefits to Nevada seniors? Shut down the national parks? Give Moody's and S&P reason to downgrade our treasury bonds, which would likely forever reduce global confidence in the US economy?

Believe it or not, this is providing "inspiration" for Congressional Republicans.

According to the Washington Post, the House GOP leadership played a short clip from the Ben Affleck movie “The Town” to rally their caucus around Boehner’s debt plan [...]

In the movie, the characters then put on hockey masks and bludgeon two men with sticks, then shoot one man in the leg.

In real life, Boehner has since decided to rewrite his plan and delayed a vote until “Thursday or Friday,” after failing to secure enough support for the current version. [Emphasis mine.]

Even some Republicans are now pulling back and wondering if they've gone too far... Including their own 2008 Presidential Nominee.

So why are Dean Heller and other "Rogue Republican Rebels" so willing to crash and burn the American economy?

This madness has gotten way too out of hand. It needs to stop, and Dean Heller and Joe Heck need to tell their Republican colleagues that this must stop.

Joe Heck: Email, Phone (202) 225-3252

Dean Heller: Email, Phone (202) 224-6244

Do they really want to be part of the blame if America is forced into debt default and a "Second Great Depression"?

And call Harry Reid's office at 1(866) 736-7343, and email him here, to thank him for being responsible and encourage him not to cave into these extremists' irrational demands.

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