Monday, October 20, 2014

Bloody Bundy

Back in April, one "outlaw cowboy" in Bunkerville decided to wage a "Range War" against the federal government. So he gathered an army of fellow "outlaw cowboys" to point guns at federal agents and back up traffic on The 15. And the rest is history...

Except it's also still happening. Over the weekend, the Southern Poverty Law Center checked in on "The Bundy Files" and uncovered no legal action against Cliven Bundy or any of his accomplices. Neither the feds nor local authorities have stepped up as of yet, though both claim investigations are still underway.

So now, Bundy is enjoying the celebrity life as he accepts speaking engagements, media interviews, and even invitations to appear in campaign ads. Yep, he's actually going there.

Never mind he and his cohort pointed guns at federal agents. Never mind he's still palling around with his buddies in the sovereign citizen gang and the Patriot Movement. And never mind that he still owes the feds over $1,000,000 in back owed taxes and fines while he continues to trespass on federally owned land.

For now, let's return to Bundy's "sovereign" and "patriot themed" buddies. Remember them? They just have an extensive history of resorting to whatever means necessary to overthrow our duly elected government.

Remember when #BundyRanch was not just trending on Twitter, but was also attracting "sovereign" warriors from across the nation? One of them happened to be one Jerad Miller. Remember him? He & his wife just shot two Metro Police Officers and a third victim dead before they shot themselves to "start the revolution".

Even before #BundyRanch exploded onto the national media's radar, "sovereign citizen" inspired criminal activity was on the rise. But since Cliven Bundy has taken to the national stage to legitimize this fringe "movement", we've been witnessing even more "sovereign" activity across the nation.

Last month, a sniper opened fire on a Pennsylvania State Police barracks in Pike County. Trooper Alex Douglass was critically injured in the attack. Corporal Byron Dickson was shot dead.

Investigators soon found an abandoned Jeep Cherokee nearby containing the Social Security card belonging to Eric Frein. The Jeep was then traced to Frein's parents. Eric Frein is now the sole suspect in this attack. Pennsylvania State Police is in an active manhunt for Frein, and the FBI recently added Frein to its "Ten Most Wanted" list.

Surprise, surprise, Eric Frein is a "sovereign citizen". Who could have guessed another one would attack law enforcement?

Yet even though they deny their role in promoting him, a slew of prominent Nevada Republicans refuse to actually condemn Cliven Bundy's free range lawlessness. And because calling this what it is has somehow become "controversial", the federal response has been awfully slow... Perhaps too slow.

And so for the time being, we're stuck with the Bundy Family Circus. And no, we're not laughing.

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