Thursday, April 17, 2014

Clear & Present Danger

We could definitely see this coming. Ever since they caught wind of Cliven Bundy's attempt to subvert federal law at Gold Butte, G-O-TEA media personalities have been sharing their wet dreams of "Second Amendment Remedies". And a number of G-O-TEA politicians have gone out of their way to celebrate the extreme right "Patriot Movement" Militia's "victory" over the rule of law.

Apparently, we're not the only ones who have been thinking about the frightening consequences of the lawlessness that's been infecting Bunkerville in recent days. MSNBC's Rachel Maddow took a closer look last night at what's really at stake at #BundyRanch. And she gave her audience a history lesson regarding the shady forces and extreme ideology fueling the #BundyRanch conflict in the Mesquite area.

Not only are Cliven Bundy and his "TEA" fueled allies completely wrong on the facts and wrong on the law, but they're also sending out a dangerously wrong message. That message is the same one we heard 19 years ago this week in Oklahoma City.

Before 9/11, this was the worst terrorist attack on US soil. And it was no hidden secret that Timothy McVeigh was motivated by the kind of extreme "Patriot" ideology that we've been catching glimpses of at #BundyRanch.

This is why we've been urging G-O-TEA politicians who have all too eagerly endorsed this lawless "uprising" to reconsider what they're advocating. Cresent Hardy & Michele Fiore may think it's cute to grandstand alongside the Bundy Gang and their new extreme right militia BFFs, but it's not. Rather, they're cozying up to what all the rest of us see as a clear & present danger.

What's happened at #BundyRanch this past week has gone far beyond "protest". It's not a mere "uprising". And it's anything but legal.

This is dangerous. There's really no way to candy-coat it. The extreme fringe of the far right who have once again gained national prominence thanks to Cliven Bundy's nationally televised temper tantrum are not interested in mere protest. And it's time for all the rest of us to recognize the clear & present danger of legitimizing this kind of behavior.

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