Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Duck Duck Goose

So it's back. And oh, we can hear that quack. The G-O-TEA Culture Warriors have declared victory in their latest battle for "moral value$.

Yet even as the 21st Century Know Nothings celebrate the return of their beloved "Dynasty", they fail to notice they're still losing the overall Culture War. Keep in mind that they're now having to play defense in Utah and Ohio! Never mind their supposed triumphant quacks, it's increasingly looking like the religious right is trying to duck inevitable defeat.

We've even seen these winds of change blow into Nevada in recent years. Just look at the remarkable journey of SJR 13 in Carson City this past spring.

After many years of dismissing the possibility of marriage equality ever coming to Nevada any time in the near future, politicians and pundits had to finally face the Nevada of the 21st Century... Along with the rest of 21st Century America. In case the remarkable progress of SJR 13 in Carson City wasn't surprising enough, the US Supreme Court then upped the ante with a groundbreaking ruling.

Edie Windsor was stuck with a $300,000 tax bill after her wife passed away. She and her lawyer decided to do something about it.

And as a result, not only does Edie Windsor not have to worry about that $300,000 tax bill, but she's also just set incredible legal precedent for LGBTQ equality going forward. [...]

Going forward, any and all laws challenged as discriminatory against LGBTQ Americans will face strict scrutiny in federal courts. And yes, this is a big f**king deal. Even though SCOTUS didn't enact nationwide marriage equality today, the days of marriage discrimination in America are likely numbered.

Because "The Supremes" decided to make a broad anti-discrimination statement in striking down much of DOMA while also letting stand the trailblazing Prop 8 trial court ruling (overturning California's marriage ban), the future is looking bright for Nevada's own marriage equality law suit. (This is now working it's way through federal courts while SJR 13 is awaiting a second round of passage at the state legislature.) And not only that, but the SCOTUS decisions also set good precedent for the Utah and Ohio cases. It's no longer a question of if nationwide civil marriage equality becomes a reality, but when.

This is why the TEA fueled religious right is now scrambling. And this is why it's making last ditch efforts to halt progress on LGBTQ civil rights by picking fights over transgender students, meeting space for H8 groups, LGBTQ workers' rights, and duck hunting reality TV stars. This year, even some G-O-TEA "leaders" acknowledged their days of "winning the Culture War" are over.

And really, this is something to quack about.

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