Monday, December 31, 2012

10 of 12: Your Picks

This year, I wanted to do something different. So today, I wanted to note the stories you couldn't get enough of. Here are the top 5 most viewed stories of 2012.

5. "Sando Sez 'No Health Care for You!'"- June 29, 2012

This was when Governor Sandoval hinted that he may not agree to the Medicaid expansion provision of the Affordable Care Act. Now, however, he's said he will allow it... But wants to institute a co-pay?! This story will probably have at least a few more up's & down's in 2013.

4. "What John Lewis Said"- September 6, 2012

During the Democratic National Convention, civil rights icon and Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia) warned the audience about the ongoing threat of voter suppression done in the name of "needing ID".

3. "Why 'Tea Party' Abandoned Its Own Rally"- July 19, 2012

In July, AFP attempted to throw a "tea party" outside Shelley Berkley's Congressional office. Instead, progressive counter-protesters far outnumbered the AFP crowd. And in case that wasn't enough, police ordered AFP to move their bus because they had never obtained a permit to park there. This was the first in a series of high-profile embarrassments for AFP.

2. "Nevada Democrats Finish with 7.17% Voter Registration Lead"- October 19, 2012

After 7 months of intense voter registration statewide, Nevada Democrats managed to turn a slight and diminishing voter registration advantage into a rather dominant 7+% and 90,000+ raw vote lead. And so far, it looks like the folks at Valley View are determined not to let this slip away.

1. "Finding Elizabeth Halseth"- February 19, 2012

As discussed earlier, this was the story that shook up the trajectory of the race for #NVLeg this year. With one resignation over a salacious affair, Republicans lost their chance of retaking the State Senate.

And these were your top 5 stories of 2012.

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