Thursday, July 12, 2012

Can Nevada G-O-TEA Afford to Keep Denying Reality?

On Monday, we discussed the mounting evidence pointing to a very real climate crisis in dire need of bold solutions. Apparently, some in DC are finally waking up and smelling reality. And funny enough, these CONSERVATIVES are leading a new effort for not just any climate solution... But a carbon tax!

And really, it makes sense. A tax on carbon emissions is much simpler to implement than a cap-and-trade system, and it can even be made revenue neutral. With less bureaucracy and less in net tax payments, why shouldn't conservatives love this?

Apparently, it's because of the usual "tea party" suspects badmouthing any and every attempt by even conservatives to start an honest discussion on climate change! For some time now, the G-O-TEA troops have been thumbing their noses at proven science. They even forced Mitt Romney to renounce his belief in sound science and buy his membership in "The New Flat Earth Society".

However, it's still been an open question as to how far Nevada Republicans will follow Mitt Romney off that cliff of climate denying idiocy. After all, there's strong bipartisan support here in Nevada for renewable energy investment that's proven to benefit our economy. It's not as if we have to go far to see the impact green energy is making here.

And in fact, we may have been UNDERESTIMATING our ability to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. The capacity, the technology, and the economic incentives for America to take action on climate change are already here. And of course, current events should be a powerful motivating force as well.

I understand Dean Heller is looking for something to make him seem altruistic and heroic. And I understand Joe Heck is looking for issues to make him look like he's doing something to create more Nevada jobs. So why not step up now and take the lead on creating solutions to climate change while also bringing more green jobs to our state? Come on, even conservatives are coming on board (again)! Do they really want to follow the dinosaurs, the wooly mammoths, and Sharron Angle on the path to (political) extinction?

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