Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's Tea Time... In Congress. Do You Know Where Your Health Care Is?

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Teabaggers are already in a fury over The House taking a vote this month, perhaps as soon as next week, to repeal health care reform. Even though their efforts are violating THEIR OWN RULES, House Republicans are adamant in cramming through repeal ASAP. Why? Bob Herbert nails it.

The fundamental mission of the G.O.P. is to shovel ever more money to those who are already rich. That’s why you got all that disgracefully phony rhetoric from Republicans about attacking budget deficits and embracing austerity while at the same time they were fighting like mad people to pile up the better part of a trillion dollars in new debt by extending the Bush tax cuts.

This is a party that has mastered the art of taking from the poor and the middle class and giving to the rich. We should at least be clear about this and stop being repeatedly hoodwinked — like Charlie Brown trying to kick Lucy’s football — by G.O.P. claims of fiscal responsibility.

After all, health care reform includes a number of cost saving measures. One of the tenets attacked the most by the right (as well as some on the left), mandates (that is, requirements that individuals have insurance and employers offer insurance), is actually the key to lowering costs for everyone. The more people are covered, the less we have to worry about people using the emergency room as "primary care", thereby driving up costs for all of us.

Yet Republicans refuse to pay attention to these facts. Why? See above.

For all their talk of "respecting The Constitution", they already plan to ignore all the parts of it they don't like. Why? Again, see above. That's never been their real reason to attack reform. For that, one must follow the money (and juice) trail. Whatever the insurance companies want, the House GOPers will try to shove down our throats.

Oh joy, this next Congress should be a hoot! [snark]

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